Thursday, July 22, 2010

Broghil Festival 2010

The three-day Broghil festival 2010 is set to be organized from July 28 to 30, 2010 at Teri Dast, the scenic venue near the Chiantar glacier in the Eastern Pamir region. The objective of the event is to create income earning opportunities for the Wakhi communities by attracting tourists in addition to protect the indigenous culture of the unique community along Wakhan Corridor.

The festival will be categorized in to two broader segments i.e. indigenous sporting events and traditional Wakhi music. The sporting events will be:
1. Wakhi free style polo
2. Central Asian buzkashi on sturdy Badakhshi ponies
3. Horse race
4. Yak polo
5. Yak race
6. Tug of war
7. Mountain marathon

The cultural events including:
1. Traditional Wakhi folksongs such as ‘bilbilik’ etc
2. Wakhi folkdances
3. Central Asian violin [ghirzhak]
4. Playing ‘gharba’ with religious songs
5. Food festival
6. Exhibition of Wakhi handicrafts

Broghil is recognized for the colorful culture of the Wakhi community in addition to enormous trekking/ photographic opportunities and horseback/ yak riding.

Shams Uddin,
CAMAT Chitral